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1 May 2012

It was unusual – to hear buzzwords from electronic jargon like GSM, GPRS, GPS,  Optical Fiber, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth, etc. from our own classmates… It was unusual – to see people like things like FPGA, OFDM, MIMO, CAN, I2C, etc. on Facebook instead of artists, sports stars and other interesting things… It was unusual – to notice the last [...]

Prokarma! Prokarma!! Prokarma!!! was the mantra everyone (esp. geeks) [including our placement officer] enchanting quite a few days after majority of us got settled in any one of the bulk recruiters like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, etc. I had not heard the name before and when I asked What’s it? they told It’s a Dream Company man! [...]

I feel like laughing out loud whenever I get reminded of the following lines: Lots s der to read dono hw am goin to manage nu bayama iruku…(I’m afraid) Am gettin over tensed vera(too) i feel like faintin nw totally drained out For u oly circuits la… For me full theory i couldn remember much [...]

Got ready in a hurry – caught train at the eleventh hour – departed with unfamiliar jerky motion of the train… Where was I heading? Ya! It was a trip to Bangalore!! As our project is endorsed by Gill Instruments, we were asked to visit the company to have a discussion on the project. Though [...]

As fasting starts in a week, we thought it would be better to have a two wheeler with us here(Chennai). I said, “Okay, I’ll bring”. On Sunday I started from my hometown-Cuddalore with my TVS Scooty Pep. As it’s an old one I doubted while starting from Cuddalore – “Will it go to Chennai?”. Anyway [...]

I answered these Case Studies long back (during Kurukshetra,2010). Read and post your comments if you are interested! Case Study 1: You are the head of a company, X, a small company in terms of revenue and workforce. The only product it manufactures is A. The revenue generated by your company is falling drastically due [...]

My First Haiku in Tamil

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29 Jun 2011

Software Engineer எதிர்காலம் தெரியாமல் அலைகிறான் – ஒருவேளை எலி பிடித்ததனால் கைரேகை அழிந்ததனாலோ? – கணினிக்கிறுக்கன்  (It’s me!)

Hello World!

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26 Jun 2011

I’m finally here. Everything is going to be fine. You’ll see. This is my first blog post ever. This is also the first publicly available piece of writing I’ve ever created. I take immense pleasure in stepping into the Blogging Arena! Hope my forthcoming posts will have some sort of special significance or insight. There [...]

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