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By Bakshi Gulam

17 Jan 2018

If you would’ve guessed DhivyaDharshini (Indian Television Anchor) or Delhi Daredevils for DD, you have been disappointed! Motivated by 20 years of Jayalalitha’s wealth case, Swathi murder case, Zakir Naik’s case, recent turmoils in SC, my long time passive observation of the society, this Pongal, I decided to pen down my thoughts on discrimination & determination. I hope that this would help someone burn their old thoughts and implant new ones; give someone a new perspective to life. Bear with me if it is too philosophical and let me know your comments.


When I was researching classical Ayurvedic texts, I stumbled upon this particular sloga from Astanga Hirdaya by Vagbhata. It goes as below.

धीधैर्यात्मादिविज्ञानं मनोदोषौषधं परम्

Transliteration: dhi dhairya atmaadi vijnanan mano dosha aushadhan param
Meaning: Dhi (discrimination), dhairya (courage) and atmadi vijnana (knowledge of the soul etc.) are the best medicine for the mind.
Notes by translator: Dhi is the ability of the person to decide good and bad; not to mistake good for the bad & vice-versa. Dhairya is ability to adhere to the good, avoid the bad and withstand difficulties with strong will. Atmadi Vijnana is possessing or obtaining correct knowledge of the soul, of the aims and pursuits of the present life as well as of future life etc. In other words, a philosophical view of human life.

I started pondering about this and correlating current state of an individual and society with this. To my surprise, I felt the reason for many problems that we face today is due to the absence of Dhi & Dhairya.

Individual Well-Being

Many people either lack Dhi or Dhairya and end up with many problems. IMO, many common psychological issues of today like stress, depression and psychosomatic issues like insomnia, obesity are all due to the lack of proper Dhi & Dhairya. A portion of people don’t have Dhi. They don’t have to ability to distinguish good and bad because of the fact that they aren’t educated. Only thing we can do is to educate them enough so that they get Dhi which empowers them to take better decisions and hopefully will change the course of their life. Another major segment are ‘mal-educated’ – they often mistake right for the wrong and wrong for the right. Sadly few of us – the educated, falls into this category. Many a times, things we assume to be “problems” aren’t problems at all in reality. Our mind creates those problems. It is a Maya (illusion).

Whenever people complains they got so many problems in life,
I ask

“Do you have roof over your head and food in your plate?”.

They reply,

“Yes! But…”.

I say

“Cool! Then just relax man.”

All the problems created by mind are due to lack of either Dhi or Dhairya and can be solved the moment they change their mind. Either they mistake the right for the wrong or wrong for the right or they know what is the right thing to do at that situation but lack the courage to do it. In order to get complete Dhi, one should leave the ego and be open – open to learn; open to listen to others (whomsoever he/she may be); open to analyse other’s thoughts with an unbiased perspective. If we set this attitude in our mind, over a period of time we will become mature; we will get the right Dhi; eventually make the right decisions. People who have already got the right Dhi but don’t have the Dhairya, should develop the courage to stick with the good, avoid the bad and withstand the difficulties that comes along the way. Unlike Israel, we need not serve the military mandatory to get Dhairya. Instead, we all need to create a warrior within us. We need to develop this “warrior spirit” to do good; fight against bad whatsoever comes along the way.

An Example

At this point, I would just like to share with you an experience from my life. One day I met one of my family friends in a diagnostic lab. I asked her, “Sister! How are you? Why are you here?”. “My daughter become so weak in recent times and doctor has asked to do some blood tests” she replied. Her daughter was very anemic. I further probed what had happened all of a sudden. She told, “I used to carry lunch to school and make sure she eats it completely. Now-a-days, I’m not going to school in the afternoon. Instead I pack lunch and give it to her in the morning. I’m not sure whether she have it full or give it to somebody or just throw it away.” I then asked, “Well. Why have you stopped taking lunch to school?”. She told that her neighbors were talking bad about her behind her back saying – “See! This lady is going somewhere daily in the afternoon.” I couldn’t control my laughter. I asked her back, “Were they just speaking bad about you or came and blocked your way to school?”.

This sister is suffering due to the lack of Dhi & Dhairya and making her daughter pay for it. There isn’t any problem going to school. Nobody is physically stopping her from doing it. And somebody talking something behind her back isn’t going to affect her in any way. It’s all her “mano dosha” (disease of the mind). She either lacks Dhi – struck by social stigma – not able to distinguish what her intellect/rationale says and the society says. Or she knows what is the right thing to do but don’t have the Dhairya to do it.

Social Well-Being

When I look at our country today, there is Adharma (injustice) everywhere – be it the society or the market or the government or even the judiciary system. Usually Adharma is caused by a minority of people which affects the majority – minority of officials causing Adharma to majority of common people in the name of bribery; minority of people’s representatives doing Adharma to majority of citizens in the name of corruption/scam; minority of judges to majority of the accused; minority of business men to majority of consumers.

This has put our country in a situation
we can neither get birth certificate nor death certificate without bribing some official…
our health minister approves a blood pressure/diabetes pill that affects kidneys and procures dialysis equipment for government hospitals from the same pharma…
the same judiciary system convict and acquit the accused depending upon current political environment…
Maggi was successfully able to sell noodles contaminated with lead for 20 whole years…
a small gang can pose a threat to physical safety of the larger portion and influence them in their decision making…
dowry, honor killings, rapes, caste conflicts, vigilante mobs are prevalent.

I feel absence of Dhairya (courage) is the major reason for the current situation. In order to eradicate Adharma and establish Dharma (justice), we need Dhairya. Dhairya here does not merely implies the courage to walk in the dark or the absence of fear of a street dog or absence of acrophobia or claustrophobia. Rather it means the courage to adhere to the good, avoid the bad and withstand difficulties that come along the way.

If we have this Dhairya,
we would
say no to bribe;
we would
fight against corruption;
we would
not let any decision maker take a decision which negatively affect us;
we would
not be silent observers of any Adharma happening around us;
we would
not allow any product/service in the market that harm us.

So let’s take a resolution

  • to educate ourselves throughout our life.
  • to be open – open to learn; open to listen to others; open to analyze others’ thoughts with an unbiased perspective.
  • to take religious texts or great philosopher’s wisdom as reference and reject something that is set by the society.
  • to always do something what the situation demands from us.

With right Dhi & Dhairya, let’s improve our lives and make this place a better place to live for the generations to come.

May peace, mercy and blessings of the Almighty be upon us all!

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Dr.Rajiv Raaj

January 18th, 2018 at 4:47 pm

Sometimes, one understand a thing and one does not. This proves the mind as a separate sense organ.The topic of ‘mind’ is deeply and elaborately discuss in ancient school of thoughts in eastern mystic schools. According to Ayurveda and Yoga, the ancient classical text book that explains the human faculties like mind, sense organs, intellect etc- it should be noted that there existed an advanced civilization in the past who have a better understanding of human mind, feelings, emotions and its existence.
Mind should be used in a proper way, if not it can create lots of confusions in our daily life. Ancient Yogic traditions say that ‘mind really matters’. Mind can be a good servent or a deadly master to yourself if you don’t know how the mind works on its own! Yoga says to control the mind, by which you can control your life situations and even this vast universe. Yoga remind you that if the mind is tamed, it bestows you 18 kind of Siddhis (Perfections).
Ayurveda says, things requiring thought, consideration, hypothesis, attention, determination or whatever can be known by means of the mind, are regarded as it’s object. Control of sense organs, self restraint, hypothesis and consideration represent the action of mind and beyond that is th domain of the intellect.
Patanjali yoga sutra explains about the yogic excercise called ‘samyama’, the highest ability of mind to know the things as it is! Mind on proper contemplation on things can reveal the hidden meaning and truth in it.
When ever the society forgets the duties. Either with body or with the intellect or with the mind, disease starts and Dhi (discrimination), dhairya (courage) and atmadi vijnana (knowledge of the soul etc.) are the best medicine for the mind. It is actually a reminder for all who are suffering forgetting their duties…

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