Plagiarism: A Shame for Indian Science!

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By Bakshi Gulam

29 Aug 2014

Today I was doing a little research on an interesting topic – “running smartphone clones on cloud”. My first google search phrase was “smartphone clone on cloud”. First result was a original paper by Intel Research Guys titled “Augmented Smartphone Applications Through Clone Cloud Execution” published at USENIX “HotOS XII” workshop during May,2009. Indeed it was really good. It answered my single strong question – “What is the need for cloning entire smartphone on the cloud?”

To get to know is there some other related work by someone else, I switched back to Google Search Results tab and was scrolling through other results. Most of the results were publication of same paper on different sites. Down the line, I found another interesting paper titled “An Approach to Improve Security on Clone of Mobile Device during Augmented Execution” by some Asst. Prof. and HoD of IT Dept., Parul Institute of Engg. Tech., India (published during March,2013 by IJITEE) .

Since the title was very specific and related to the first one, I downloaded this paper too. As soon as I started going through it, I realised it was just a copy of previously mentioned paper by Intel Guys. Not even a change in Architectural Diagrams. Except Introduction and Conclusion, the whole paper was just a copy of previously mentioned original paper. I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I started searching for the word “security” in the whole document. Shockingly, the word “security” was not even used in single sentence except introduction and conclusion (which they have tried to write it on their own and presence of grammatical mistakes tells us they have failed even in that miserably).

Having witnessed such a plagiarism, I was wondering how could such a paper be published on a journal which has “International” and “Innovation” in it’s name. (FYI: IJITEE – International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering). At that point, I stopped researching “cloud” and started searching for “plagiarism technical papers india”. To my surprise, there were lot of instances of previous incidents related to plagiarism by Indians both in Medical Sciences and in Engineering and Technology.

On top of that there is a Wikipedia page titled “Scientific Plagiarism in India” which starts by saying “Academic plagiarism is raising in India…” and continue to mention many instances of plagiarism. The instances even include many prestigious/respected institutions like IIT, IIM,IISc, etc. The bitter fact is that many of the plagiarism acts are done by Profs themselves. These shameful acts have been condemned by leading dailies both in India and abroad starting from The Hindu, Times of India to DailyMail, UK. Satyanarayana of Indian Council of Medical Research has done a detailed research on this and has suggested “National Plan of Action” in his paper titled “Plagiarism: a scourge afflicting the Indian science

When I was in College, I have seen my classmates/batch-mates copying someone else’s paper and projecting it as their own paper in intra/inter collegiate technical workshops/symposiums. My concern is “How can professors do this?” When professors do this, how can we expect their students to come up with some original work? When (real)Educationists and common people like me are already worrying a lot about indian education system, these shameful acts at higher education level by professors are making Indian Education System worser and even worser.

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