My Encounter with Android

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By Bakshi Gulam

11 Mar 2012

The Android Logo

Prokarma! Prokarma!! Prokarma!!!

was the mantra everyone (esp. geeks) [including our placement officer] enchanting quite a few days after majority of us got settled in any one of the bulk recruiters like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, etc.

I had not heard the name before and when I asked

What’s it?

they told

It’s a Dream Company man! Like Deloitte… Pay package will be high compared to others… Carrier growth will be good… etc., etc….

I just checked the eligibility criteria of that campus drive. It was

70% from 10th Std, 12th std, UG & PG course – with No Standing Arrears.

It clearly told me,


as I had ONE standing arrear at that time. So I paid less attention to it and started concentrating on my works.

On the day before Prokarma’s interview process, my friend Vignesh Raja K.R. called me and told,

“We will attend Prokarma’s Interview tomorrow.”

I said that I was not eligible so I couldn’t attend it. But he was not ready to leave me. He told that the eligibility criteria might get changed even at the last moment and asked me to come prepared the next day.

Prokarma Drive: In front of Seminar Hall

Prokarma Drive: In front of Seminar Hall



I came half-heartedly for the interview and told him

“They have not changed the eligibility criteria so far. So I’m leaving…”

He was not ready to leave me even at that moment and convinced me to enter the seminar hall (usually where the process starts with an pre-placement talk) by saying

“Prokarma is all about Mobile Application Development. Mobile is Convenient. Mobile is Comfort. Mobile is Luxury. I love Mobiles. Don’t you?”

But unfortunately, before the pre-placement talk had begun, I left the Seminar Hall as the eligibility criteria was strictly emphasized again.

Later I came to know that one among my classmates had placed a request to the Prokarma’s interviewers by saying

“We have a guy in our class whom you’ll find exactly as you expected. But unfortunately he has ONE arrear at present. Will you allow him to attend the selection process?”

soon after their pre-placement talks. Even they had rejected my friend’s request, I felt very happy and proud to have such friend.

Prokarma Drive: Inside the Seminar Hall

Prokarma Drive: Inside the Seminar Hall

This incident created an impact on me and kindled me to explore the MAD (Mobile Application Development) arena. As Android was emerging, I chose Android as I always prefer Open Source to proprietary platforms. I downloaded Android SDK and Eclipse IDE and installed on my laptop. Then I just executed the “Hello Android!” program and got the output on my emulator’s screen. Actually I didn’t do anything but I had created an Android App!

Really I felt so happy and thought Mobile App Development is so easy.

My First Android App

My First Android App



Then as I had to concentrate on my semester exams, I kept Android untouched for few months. After exams got over, I again re-opened my MAD project. Only when I tried to customize the app that I created long back,

I realized the MAD wasn’t a cake walk. (esp. when it comes to UI design)

Then I went through all the necessary topics of Android App Development given at and created few UI screens for my app. Then there was a gap again in my MAD project due to our final year project.

After a long gap I thought of re-designing my MAD app by keeping all the data on the server and using UI to just display data by harnessing the power of XML. I succeeded partially in it using DOM Parser for rendering XML files. Again there is a pause in my MAD as time doesn’t permit me to continue.

But my encounter with android was an nice experience and I enjoyed a lot. Moreover it has given me a confidence that

“Even I too can create apps for Mobiles” :)

not only for Android platform but also for other proprietary platforms like Windows Phone, iPhone, etc.

Modified App's Dashboard

Modified App's Dashboard



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