Originality Rewarded!

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By Bakshi Gulam

18 Sep 2011

I feel like laughing out loud whenever I get reminded of the following lines:

Lots s der to read :( dono hw am goin to manage nu :( bayama iruku…(I’m afraid) Am gettin over tensed vera(too) :( i feel like faintin nw :( totally drained out

For u oly circuits la… For me full theory :( i couldn remember much too. Finished oly one sub today. Adhuvum(that too) partial oly… Ve to prepare 6 more sub tomo. Sun goin out :( from monday ve to do somethin for hr :( am totally freaked out

Ha! ha!! These were the words uttered by some of my friends. Guess for what they were preparing for? Was it the preparation for any Continuous Assessment Test in college? or End Semester Exams? or some Competitive Exam? Nay… It was their preparation for Campus Placement Programme. I was little bit busy in designing a site for our department’s Tech-Fest:Impulse and was wondering why these guys and girls are very much worried about the interview process.

Usually I don’t change my originality for the sake of others. Moreover I did’t want to pretend as if I knew everything (just by glancing the basics on the day before the interview) and act smart at the interview. I wanted to be as I was. And I was in my home-town (Cuddalore) for Ramzan Holidays. I didn’t do anything ‘specific’ for interview like glancing the basics, mugging up things related to the area of interest specified in the resume, etc. But I did buy formal shirts,pants,shoes,etc.

I returned to Chennai on 4th Sep night with a plan that I had to do something for the selection process. But we had to send posters to many colleges and bring our site alive in a couple of days. The poster & website designs were yet to complete. So I spent two more nights correcting errors in the poster and designing the website.

Night of 6th Sep – I was just set free from Symposium works. I took all the shirts I had and asked my roommates which would suit for the interview. They told

“Nothing in your collection is ‘pakka’ formals. So better you buy some formal shirt or use ours”

It was a shock for me. People used to say “Why do you prefer formals always?” when I go to classes normally. But I got confused to hear the opposite from the same people when it comes to “interview”.

Then I went to some nearby shops but nothing was satisfying. And I couldn’t go to distant shops as it was already too late. So I decided to go to shops the next day morning.

7th Sep- Bunked college the whole day for preparing for placement process. Then I felt I wouldn’t do anything if I go for shopping in search of a ‘pakka’ formal shirt. So I changed my plan and bought a tie and a file from nearby shops.

As I had to crack the written test in order to present me to the HR person, I just glanced the model question paper for the written test sent by our placement cell on the day before the interview.

8th Sep – 8.00am: Went inside the Auditorium for written test even without having the breakfast. It was Cognizant conducing their selection process that day. I sat for the placement process with almost zero preparation(when compared to others :-P ) One hour of written test (8.45-9.45). Then the papers were evaluated and shortlisted people were asked to attend their interviews. We had to wait till 2.45 for our names to be read out. Then we had some snacks and freshened up ourselves and got ready for the interview (without forgetting the ‘mild-perfume’ ;-) )

But we had to wait till 7.45pm to get inside the interview hall. I got headache and was on pangs of hunger before getting inside the interview hall. I managed things and attended the interview with an attitude

“This is Gulam! If your expectations meet my possessions, you can very well hire me!! On the other hand if you are very keen on Academic Records or Performance on so-called tests you conduct, you keep your job and let me keep my attitude.”

The interview process went for nearly 30min (but I felt it was just 7-10mins) with usual expected procedures. I had to wait for 2 more days for the results. I couldn’t be sure of Cognizant, so on Sunday(11th Sep), I started preparing for Wipro(which was scheduled on Monday(12th Sep). At last results were announced on Sunday evening rewarding my originality!! Alhamdhulillah! I got placed in Cognizant!!

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October 10th, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Congrats webmastr ! ! ! you are really gr8 :)



November 2nd, 2011 at 11:36 am

really i was laughing while going through this text.
all the best



November 4th, 2011 at 11:36 pm

can i know why do you feel so?

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