A Trip to Bangalore – Truly, “The Silicon Valley of India”

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By Bakshi Gulam

8 Aug 2011

Got ready in a hurry – caught train at the eleventh hour – departed with unfamiliar jerky motion of the train… Where was I heading? Ya! It was a trip to Bangalore!! As our project is endorsed by Gill Instruments, we were asked to visit the company to have a discussion on the project.

Though the trip was ‘planned’, I was ‘unprepared’ for it. As I was at the farthest place from the departure point, I was instructed to pick all others up along the way to departure point. I started half-an-hour past the schedule with scoldings from fellow teammates (for being late). We caught the train on time as others were ‘well-prepared’. :-P

I thought of going to bed as it was almost time. But I couldn’t as I felt vomiting if I tried to do so. I felt that I should adapt to the jerky motion of the train first. I spent some time playing Soccer Game on my mobile phone till I felt ‘okay’ and then I slept. When we reached Bangalore it was 4.30 in the morning. We were received by one of our teammate’s relative at the railway station and were taken up to his house.

We freshened up there and headed towards Electronic City where Gill Instruments is. I was admiring at the highways and enjoying the climate of the city. I just glanced the Architecture and Instruction Set of MSP430 (the micro-controller with which we are supposed to do the project) thinking that it would help us during the discussion (but it never helped!).

A security guard welcomed us at the entrance of Electronic City and asked us which language were we comfortable with. We replied ‘English’. He again posed the question “Is it okay if i speak to you in Hindi?” As my friend Aparajith knows Hindi he said ‘okay’. We proceeded further keeping in mind the landmarks told by him – Police Station, Radha Regent Hotel, etc.

At last we reached Gill Instruments around 9am after many times calling the Director Mr.Gurjit Singh Gill asking the route to his company. Two ducks welcomed us at Gill Instruments ;-) (later we found that those were a part of Montessori school run nearby). Then we started the discussion around 10am and it went till 2pm. We started with the Block Diagram and then Circuit Diagrams finally concluded it with the  preparation of the Action List.

There was a pleasant drizzling while leaving the company. Inspite of that we took snaps with the rabbits over there and left the company at 2pm. While returning I could patiently have a look at the Sky Scrappers of IT giants over there and felt that it had rightly been named as “The Silicon Valley of India”.

“Delhi Base Sri Food Court” was a result of our desperate search for a ‘middle-class’ hotel :-P while we were at pangs of hunger. Then we had our lunch there and bid adieu to Electronic City.

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Maria Kon Antony

September 1st, 2011 at 7:34 pm

In sooth, this travelogue written by Bakshi using his sharp intelligence mixed with a good English is simply superb!

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