Breakdown on a 150km Ride!

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By Bakshi Gulam

26 Jul 2011

As fasting starts in a week, we thought it would be better to have a two wheeler with us here(Chennai). I said, “Okay, I’ll bring”. On Sunday I started from my hometown-Cuddalore with my TVS Scooty Pep. As it’s an old one I doubted while starting from Cuddalore – “Will it go to Chennai?”. Anyway I had no other go. I started from Cuddalore with a prayer that it should go to Chennai without any breakdown and on time.

At 1.20pm I fueled it to it’s max capacity at Cuddalore-Puducherry(Pondy) border and headed towards Pondy. I reached Pondy at 2pm and proceeded further towards Thindivanam. When it’s 26km to Thindivam I stopped and wanted to calculated my average speed as my speed-o-meter didn’t work. I kept a stopwatch in my mobile and resumed. In 2-4km from there, I could see villagers selling fresh cucumbers on the road side. I stopped there and bought cucumber for 20INR(more than 250grams approx.) and continued my journey.

I reached Thindivanam in 30min from last stop. Average speed was 50kmph. Wow it was really good with a Scooty Pep! I halted there for 7min (eating cucumbers of course) and then resumed my journey. My next target is to reach Melmaruvathur in another 30min. And I reached Melmaruvathur in 29min ;) (1min before my schedule). Again I stopped there for 9 min and resumed.

My next target was Chengalpet. After 35min travel from there, suddenly I could feel automatic reduction in speed of my vehicle. My fuel indicator was telling me there was half-tank fuel. To ensure it, I stopped and opened the cap of the tank and looked at the fuel level. Ya! there was half-a-tank of fuel. Again I resumed my journey.

After 3min from there I reached Padagam- a small residential area. I felt it would be better to have a check by some mechanic over there before proceeding further. I went in search of mechanic and at last found one. He checked just like that and told “the belt has worn out and you can’t buy it today since today is Sunday” and he left closing his shop. I felt like deserted. Then I called my roommate Thoufic explaining my situation and asking his suggestion what could be done on that situation. He asked “Where are you now exactly?”. “12-15km from Chengalpet” I replied. He told “Okay I’ll ask any of my friends in Chengalpet to come and do the needy”. I waited. After few min I got a call from his friend. He told he’ll arrange some bike and come to the spot. I waited for him more than half an hour. He didn’t come. When I called he told “It’s risk to pull one bike with another in highways – soooooooooo, I’m not coming”.

Then I tried moving the bike. Fortunately it was moving. Meanwhile Thoufic called his another friend Venkatesh (alias Venki) in Chengalpet to come and meet me. I waited for him at Mamandur. He came and we two went together to Chengalpet. Most of the mechanic shops were closed. At last we found one mechanic shop. He inspected the vehicle and told “there is very less chances of a belt to wear out. It’s because of the engine oil which has lost it’s viscosity due to over-heating”. Then I changed the engine oil, filled the battery with distilled water and changed the battery fuse there and resumed my journey. Venki stayed there till I leave Chengalpet.

I reached Vandalur at 8.30pm. Really friends help us a lot in needy situations which can’t be expected even from our relatives many times. I get reminded of my school prayer song

ஒவ்வொரு மனிதனும் என் நண்பன்
ஒவ்வொரு மனிதனும் என் சகோதரன்.
அல்லல்படுபவன் என் நண்பன்
ஆபத்தில் இருப்பவன் என் சகோதரன்
பிறர் குலம் சேர்ந்தாலும் என் நண்பன்
பிற மதம் சார்ந்தாலும் என் சகோதரன்
காரணம் அவனும் மனிதன்
காரணம் அவனும் மனிதன் . . . . . . . . . .

Still that song linger in my heart. And it will continue to linger as long as such friends are there with me……….

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November 2nd, 2011 at 11:42 am

Vow its beautiful with a neat message

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