If you would’ve guessed DhivyaDharshini (Indian Television Anchor) or Delhi Daredevils for DD, you have been disappointed! Motivated by 20 years of Jayalalitha’s wealth case, Swathi murder case, Zakir Naik’s case, recent turmoils in SC, my long time passive observation of the society, this Pongal, I decided to pen down my thoughts on discrimination & [...]

மரணம் – 1 குடிகார குடும்பத்தலைவன். அவ்வப்போது பிரம்மை பிடித்தாற்போலிருக்கும் மனைவியும், திருமண வயதில் ஓர் மகளும். குடும்பத்தையே காக்கும் வாலிப மகனோ சடலமாய் வாயிலிலே. இலட்சத்தில் ஒருவருக்கு வரும் நோய்யாம் – பாவம் இந்த வாலிபனையா தாக்க வேண்டும்? இறந்து கிடப்பது தன் மகன் என்றறியாத தாய். அண்ணன் சாவுக்கு கதறி அழும் தங்கை. தங்களால் ஒன்றும் செய்ய இயலவில்லையே என்ற ஆதங்கத்தில் நண்பர்கள். மகன் சடலத்தின் மீது மண் அள்ளிப்போட முடியாத தந்தை. வருந்தி [...]

How all this “trek” thing started? Till I was in Chennai, going for a trek never hit my mind. Neither were there much trek trails nearby Chennai nor was trekking popular among Chennaities.  After moving to Bangalore, I started hearing about treks from fellow colleagues. Recently my boss had been to Kumar Parvatha trek and [...]

I had been trying to write this blog since I joined Aricent. But, for past few years, Aricent kept me so busy to such extent that I couldn’t even find time to write about itself. As I have started getting LinkedIn messages congratulating my third anniversary with Aricent, I have now finally decided to unfold [...]

When I was at school almost all computers I could see was running Windows. I used to get excited every time when I could hear the Windows Welcome Music. I got fascinated by Microsoft & it’s founder (World’s Richest Man of that time) Bill Gates and it’s no wonder he became one of my early [...]

Today I was doing a little research on an interesting topic – “running smartphone clones on cloud”. My first google search phrase was “smartphone clone on cloud”. First result was a original paper by Intel Research Guys titled “Augmented Smartphone Applications Through Clone Cloud Execution” published at USENIX “HotOS XII” workshop during May,2009. Indeed it [...]

Is Failure the Only Option? A year back I wrote a post titled “Indeed, FAILURE is the only option for me too!” narrating series of failures I encountered in my Entrepreneurial Journey. The last one was a failure in building a Technical Training venture which specializes in Open Source technologies. The major reason for that [...]

I’m writing this post in continuation with my previous post. In my previous post I had mentioned most of the Engineering Colleges/Univs in India (at least in Tamilnadu) are just “Monkey Factories”. I know most of them are running colleges as a “money tree” and they just don’t care about quality of the education. This [...]

Alumni Feedback Form Recently, I happened to go through the alumni feedback form of my University. I was really frustrated after going through the entire form and I got angry seeing people filling that illogical form and someone collecting & updating the statistics. The reason why I call it ‘illogical’ was the metric used to [...]

Wait! Don’t conclude me as an pessimist! And I’m not talking in frustration too!! But sometimes we feel “Why this is happening to me alone? Is failure the only option for me? Should I continue? or Should I drop this at this point?” Even I did feel the same few months back. I did experience [...]

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